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a clock to remember to take your pills

Tips for remembering to take your pill

Whether you’ve started taking new medication or you’re naturally a forgetful person, it can be hard to remember to take your pills. Thankfully, there are a variety of different methods you can use to help you keep yourself organized.

Keep reading to learn our top seven tips for how you can remember to take your pills on time.

1. Use an app on your smartphone

Is your phone glued to your hand? For those of you who have your phone with you wherever you go, consider using an app with the notifications turned on. Some examples include a reminders app or a dedicated alarm for your birth control pill.

Of course, a secondary tip is to keep your phone charged so that you get your alert in the first place!

2. Where you keep your pills is important

Have you heard of the phrase, “out of sight, out of mind”? This saying applies to your pills as well. Are they stuffed at the bottom of your purse or hidden away in a bathroom cabinet? If so, it’s much easier to forget about them if they’re not visible.

Be sure to keep your medication next to items you use every day. Some ideas include:

  • Your night table or near your alarm clock
  • Next to your toothbrush
  • Near your phone

While you want to store your pills in a safe and dry location, hiding them in a cabinet makes it more likely to forget they are there.

3. Get a friendly reminder

If a friend, family member, or partner is also taking medication at the same time, consider asking them to help remind you to take your pill. If both of you take your respective medication at the same time, it’s much easier to have you or the other person remind each other.

However, this method may be less effective if both of you forget!


4. Develop a routine and stick to it

One way to help you to remember to take your pill is to establish a step-by-step routine that you go through every day. By sticking to the steps in order, taking your pill becomes a natural part of your process. Here’s a sample routine:

  • Wake up in the morning
  • Go through your skincare routine
  • Take your pill
  • Brush your teeth


5. Tangible reminders can help you stay on track

Sometimes when we get into the habit of doing something over and over again, we may forget if we actually did it. Developing a visual system may help!

For example, if you have a calendar, consider adding a checkmark to it if you’ve taken your pill for the day. That way when you’re wondering whether or not you actually did take your pill that morning, you can look at your calendar to check.


6. A “sticky” reminder

On a colorful sticky note, write a reminder to yourself to take your pill. Make sure that it’s in a noticeable area that you’ll pass by every day, such as your bed or kitchen. While a plain beige or yellow sticky note might not stand out, try a bright pink or hot orange sticky note instead.


7. A high-tech cap

If your medication comes in a bottle, it could be used with an electronic cap. These reminder caps typically feature a small electronic display that keeps track of the last time you opened the bottle. Talk about fancy!


8. Reward yourself

In an article by the American Academy of Family Physicians, they found that patients are much more motivated by an immediate reward compared to long-term benefits, which are often harder to quantify. When it comes to taking your birth control pill, pair it with a small treat. Be sure to keep it on the healthy side such as your favorite fruit or a small piece of dark chocolate.


What type of reminders are best for you?

Ultimately, the most effective method to remind yourself to take your medication will depend on your preferences. If you don’t often have your phone on hand around the house, using a reminders app may be less effective. Try a few different methods and see which one works best for you.


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Dr. Darya Blednova, M.D. is a board-certified internal medicine physician. Dr. Darya grew up in Krasnoyarsk, Russia; she graduated from medical school at Krasnoyarsk State Medical University and completed her internal medicine residency at Nassau University Medical Center. She is a first-generation immigrant and understands the struggles that others face when moving to the other side of the world. She uses real-life examples to make it easy for her patients to understand the root causes of their problems, which encourages them to stick with their new, healthy behaviors. Dr. Darya is greatly interested in optimizing women’s somatic and reproductive health during their reproductive cycles.

Josh Emdur D.O. is a board-certified family medicine physician and Chief Medical Officer at SteadyMD with a passion for providing personal, high-value medical care that embraces the use of technology. His friends and family have texted him their medical questions on a daily basis for years (despite having their own respective doctors). It is this concept that launched the idea to start a virtual primary care practice. With the ubiquity of smartphones, fitness trackers, and connected health devices he can gather important data to help coach his patients to live healthy lives.

Dr. Amanda Sadler was born in Enid, Oklahoma and fell in love with sports and medicine at a young age. She swam at Texas Christian University and then returned to Oklahoma for medical school. While in medical school, she found the sport of triathlon and had immediate success. She raced as a professional athlete on the ITU and Ironman World Circuit for 15 years. Throughout her journey as a professional athlete, she discovered functional medicine. Now she gets to combine all that she loves (functional, sports, and performance medicine) into her job. Her approach to helping patients optimize their health and performance is through root cause analysis and encouraging a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Dr. Lynn Buchanan is a family medicine physician who has years of experience in conventional and integrative medicine. She was born and raised in the inner city of Paterson, NJ. After growing up poor and quitting high school, Dr. Buchanan worked in a hospital as a pharmacy tech. There, the oncologist pushed her to attend college. She went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude from William Paterson University. Then, she attended the UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine and Nova Southeastern COM. Dr. Buchanan believes in aligning her medical approach with the needs and preferences of the patient. She takes cultural and individual needs into consideration, taking time with each individual patient to determine the best treatment method.

Dr. Leah Roberts is a board-certified physician who specializes in Emergency Medicine. Prior to medical school, she practiced as a personal trainer and nutritionist. Dr. Roberts completed her Emergency Medicine residency at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University in Camden, NJ. She earned her Doctorate of Medicine at Temple University School of Medicine and M.S. Nutrition at Columbia University.  Additionally, Dr. Roberts proudly serves as a Commissioned Officer in the US Army Reserves. She has an interest in preventative medicine and helping patients find a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

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